Marketing stratégique

Strategic marketing guides the development of your SME by exploring the 6 marketing levers, namely :

  1. Your value proposition
  2. Your pricing strategy
  3. Your internal and external stakeholders: customers, partners, influencers, etc.
  4. Your marketing and sales processes
  5. Your communication and distribution channels
  6. Your means of promotion.


A good marketing strategy should answer the following questions:

  • Who are our ideal customers (personas)?
  • What are their needs, expectations, problems, fears and passions?
  • Is our value proposition adapted to our personas?
  • Is our value proposition unique to our personas?
  • What are our current and future market segments?
  • What are the key factors for success in these market segments?
  • What is our competitive position?
  • What is our dominant competitiveness criterion?
  • Do we have the right communication and distribution channels?
  • What is our pricing strategy?
  • What are our marketing and sales processes?
  • Do we have the right internal and external stakeholders to support our marketing and sales?
Our unique methodologies

Ms™- Strategic marketing

We help you design your marketing strategy in 5 months to increase your sales by targeting the right customers, with the right value proposition, the right pricing strategy, the right stakeholders, the right processes, the right  promotions, the right communication and distribution channels.

Our unique methodology Ms™ allows you to design a sales machine to power your SME.

Av™ - Value analysis

We help you reinvent a product/service in 3 months to increase its perceived value in the eyes of your customers, and simultaneously, reduce your costs.

Our unique methodology Av™ allows you to sell products/services that are more profitable for you and your customers.

Analyse valeur

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