The HOTELLIER Canada’s success
During the LEAN Construction’s conference, Sébastien Boyet, Manager and CEO of HOTELLIER Canada, came to give a testimony about Coffrages Atlantique. The latter became a LEAN enterprise a year ago.

The HOTELLIER Canada acquired Coffrages Atlantique, mainly known for his skills in formwork of high height building. Coffrages Atlantique offers his services in Montreal. Then, they acquired the CAMITEC’s assets, specialized in concrete finish, to offer complementaries services.

Watch this short video to learn how Sébastien Boyer use Last Planner in the construction area.

To accomplish this, Coffrages Atlantique followed three steps:

1.They chose one competitivity criteria

  • Time
  • Flexibility
  • Innovation
  • Quality
  • Variety

2. They established the LEAN philosophy

  • Performance
  • Precision
  • Responsabilities to all levels
  • Efficiency
  • Modern management that knows when to stop

3.They established the main KPI’s

  • Deadline compliance
  • Budget compliance

And the ultimate Coffrages Atlantique’s secret is… THEIR COMMUNICATION to…

  • manage the change resilience
  • encourage the whole team’s participation
  • communicate the LEAN’s results

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